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    The 2023 Law Firm Culture Survey

    Law360 Pulse partnered with Major Lindsey & Africa to survey attorneys about law firm culture – which aspects are their firms are good at, and what would they like to see more of? Here’s what we found.

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    The 2023 Compensation Report: Law Firms

    Law360 Pulse asked lawyers about their compensation, billable hours, billing rates, originations and more. Find out how much they earn, how satisfied they are with their pay and where some of the problem areas lie.

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    Law Firm Leaders Cautiously Optimistic Heading Into 2024

    Major U.S. law firms are steadfast in their commitment to the pursuit of further growth despite ongoing economic uncertainty. Here’s what the leaders of four Leaderboard firms have to say about how the legal industry is preparing for next year.

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    The 2023 Law360 Pulse Leaderboard

    Check out the Law360 Pulse Leaderboard to see which first-in-class firms made the list this year.

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    The 2023 Law360 Prestige Leaders

    Check out our Prestige Leaders ranking, analysis and interactive graphics to see which firms stand out for their financial performance, attractiveness to attorneys and law students, ability to secure accolades, and positive legal news media representation.

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    2023 Compensation Report: General Counsel

    Law360 Pulse looks at the pay of the best-compensated legal chiefs at S&P 500 companies. Find out who’s making and paying the most, which sectors are the most profitable, and which law firms and law schools have the most alums in these high-profile posts.

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    Law360 MVP Awards Go To 171 Attys At 76 Firms

    The attorneys chosen as Law360's 2023 MVPs have distinguished themselves from their peers by securing hard-earned successes in high-stakes litigation, complex global matters and record-breaking deals.

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    The 2023 Law360 Pulse Social Impact Leaders

    Check out our Social Impact Leaders ranking, analysis and interactive graphics to see which firms stand out for their engagement with social responsibility and commitment to pro bono service.

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    The 2023 Pro Bono Ranking: How Firms Stack Up

    Pro bono work is among the most effective ways that firms can positively affect their communities, and these efforts are often central to their social responsibility portfolios. See which firms are leading the pack.

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    Why Law Firm ESG Is Likely Here To Stay

    As backlash to institutional efforts around environmental, social and corporate governance spreads in the U.S., experts say law firms are likely to take a long-term view and continue focusing on ESG principles, even if some of the wording and messaging around those efforts may change.

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    The 2023 Summer Associates Survey: Part 2

    Most law firms are now welcoming their summers in person, and getting high marks for the hands-on opportunities they’re able to provide. Find out which firms were this year’s summer winners and what summers liked best about their experiences and training, in the latest survey from Law360 Pulse.

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    These Firms Have The Most Women In Equity Partnerships

    The legal industry still has a long way to go before it can achieve gender parity at its upper levels. But these law firms are performing better than others in breaking the proverbial glass ceiling that prevents women from attaining leadership roles.

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    The 2023 Women In Law Report

    For nearly a decade, Law360 has been tracking gender equity at law firms as they continue working to close the gender gap. Our latest report shows where firms are succeeding and where they’re falling short on reaching gender parity.

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    A Deep Dive Into Law360 Pulse's Women In Law Report

    The legal industry experienced incremental gains for female lawyers in private practice in the U.S., according to Law360 Pulse's Women in Law Report, with women now representing half of all associates.

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    These Firms Have The Most Diverse Equity Partnerships

    Law firms have made only modest progress in moving the needle on diversity, particularly at the equity partnership level. Still, a few are setting a new standard and actively increasing their representation of attorneys of color.

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    The 2023 Diversity Snapshot

    Check out our annual survey of diversity at U.S. law firms to see how they stack up against each other, how far they’ve come, and how far they still have to go.

  • 3 Takeaways From The Supreme Court's Session

    Despite a trio of dramatic decisions by its conservative majority as the term concluded, the U.S. Supreme Court largely defied expectations that its six Republican-appointed justices would use their numbers to run roughshod over their liberal colleagues, instead delivering often narrow decisions that were heavier on consensus than division.

  • Law360 Podcasts Untangle A Week Of Blockbuster Rulings

    The U.S. Supreme Court wrapped up its term last week with a series of blockbuster rulings striking down affirmative action and the government's ambitious plan to eliminate billions of dollars in federal student loan debt, and siding with a website designer opposed to same-sex weddings and a religious former postal worker seeking workplace accommodations.

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    The 2023 Law360 400

    For the 10th year in a row, Law360 is pleased to announce our list of the 400 largest U.S. firms by headcount.

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    A Need To Be Big: US Law Firms Kept Foot On Gas In 2022

    The 400 largest law firms in the U.S. saw continued growth last year, outpacing 2021's headcount additions, with surges in hiring among midsize firms accounting for a meaningful portion of the increases, according to the most recent Law360 ranking.

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    The 2023 Summer Associates Survey

    Law firms are back on track with their summer associateships, returning to in-person attendance and interviewing a crop of candidates who see location and practice areas as the top draws. Find out what’s in store for this year’s summers, as well as which firms topped their wish lists, in the latest survey from Law360 Pulse.

  • Law360's 2023 Diversity & Inclusion Editorial Advisory Board

    Law360 is pleased to announce the formation of its 2023 Diversity & Inclusion Editorial Advisory Board.

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    The 2023 UK Lawyer Satisfaction Survey

    Lawyers for the most part view their financial stability as average, and a good portion are likely to seek a new job in the coming year, according to the inaugural Law360 UK Pulse Lawyer Satisfaction Survey.

  • Everything You Need To Know About Partner Pay

    Want to know how your compensation compares with your peers'? How your practice area stacks up? Whether your level of satisfaction with your compensation matches other partners'? Explore the ins and outs of law firm partner compensation with our interactive graphic.

  • The 2022 Partner Compensation Survey

    The 2022 Partner Compensation Survey finds that partner compensation has fully recovered from the pandemic, with average pay surpassing $1 million and big jumps in corporate practices as well as some of the smaller major cities.

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Expert Analysis

  • Former Minn. Chief Justice Instructs On Writing Better Briefs Author Photo

    Former Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Lorie Gildea, now at Greenberg Traurig, offers strategies on writing more effective appellate briefs from her time on the bench.

  • Spartan Arbitration Tactics Against Well-Funded Opponents Author Photo

    Like the ancient Spartans who held off a numerically superior Persian army at the Battle of Thermopylae, trial attorneys and clients faced with arbitration against an opponent with a bigger war chest can take a strategic approach to create a pass to victory, say Kostas Katsiris and Benjamin Argyle at Venable.

  • A Model For Optimal Legal Tech Investment Strategy Author Photo

    Legal organizations struggling to work out the right technology investment strategy may benefit from using a matrix for legal department efficiency that is based on an understanding of where workloads belong, according to the basic functions and priorities of a corporate legal team, says Sylvain Magdinier at Integreon.

  • Personality Tests And Machine Learning Applications In Law Author Photo

    Mateusz Kulesza at McDonnell Boehnen looks at potential applications of personality testing based on machine learning techniques for law firms, and the implications this shift could have for lawyers, firms and judges, including how it could make the work of judges and other legal decision-makers much more difficult.



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